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World Food Week of Action


World Food Week of Action

Join us in building a more equitable and ecological food & farm systems!

2019 Action Areas

CLIMATE JUSTICE: The climate crisis calls for action at every level — personal, institutional, national and global.

FAMINE: The resurgence of famine and extreme hunger in several parts of the world requires a rapid response.

FOOD SOVEREIGNTY: Actions to expand agroecology, food justice, and food sovereignty cool the planet and meet people’s need for sustenance, livelihoods, and agency.

2019 NWI Food Council “World Food Week of Action” Agenda

Monday, October 14 - Plant-Rich Diets & Meatless Monday
Tuesday, October 15 - International Day for Rural Women
Wednesday, October 16 - World Food Day
Thursday, October 17 - International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
Friday, October 18 - Food Systems Change
Saturday, October 19 - Food as a Climate Solution
Sunday, October 20 - World Food Week Reflection

[10/13] World Food Week of Action Day 1 - Kick off!

Today we kick off the global Food Week of Action! The global Food Week of Action (Oct 13-20) is an opportunity for people around the world to act together for food justice and food sovereignty. It is a special time to raise awareness about farming approaches that help individuals and communities develop resiliency and combat poverty. Beyond examining our food choices, we must also recognize the lingering roots of racism embedded in our food system, which was founded on slavery and plantation agriculture, and still exploits the environment and the workers in the food chain. We call for societal and policy changes that bring us closer to realizing the right to food for everyone. 

This week, each day we will share topics and resources in honor of global World Food Week.  We hope you’ll follow along and join us on Saturday, October 19th for a powerful discussion.

[10/14] World Food Week of Action Day 2 - Plant-rich diets & #MeatlessMonday

As we start on this World Food Week of Action, ask yourself, “what is the single most important change that I can make in my eating habits to improve not only my health, but the health of the planet?”  Cheryl Dornberg’s answer would be to eat more plants!”

We want to share a blog post with fantastic tips from Cheryl Dornberg, Certified Culinary Nutritionist from Mrs. Dornberg’s Culinary Experience.


Check out the recipe HERE!

[10/15] World Food Week Day 3 - International Day for Rural Women

Today we want to share an inspiring blog post from our friends at the Women Food & Ag Network!

[10/16] World Food Week of Action Day 4 - World Food Day

Hey Kids & Teens! We want you to represent NWI with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization poster contest!  Use your imagination to create a poster that illustrates YOUR idea of what needs to be done to make healthy diets available for everyone and how each of us can improve our diets. For details and to submit, visit Must be ages 5-19 and the deadline is 11/8/19.

Three winners in each age category will be selected by the UN’s FAO and announced in December.  Winners will be promoted by FAO offices around the world and receive a surprise gift bag and Certificate of Recognition.  AND! Participants who submit through the NWI Food Council will have their posters on display at our FED: Food Expo & Discussion on February 7, 2020. We can’t wait to see what you create!

[10/17] World Food Week of Action Day 5 - International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

We agree with Nelson Mandela, when he stated, “As long as poverty, injustice, and gross inequality persist in our world, none of us can truly rest.”  Today we want to share with you some powerful stories how education and agriculture are driving hope and action to break the cycle of poverty.

[10/18] World Food Week of Action Day 6 - Food Systems Change

It’s easy to glaze over when you hear the words “food systems change.”  Changing systems is daunting work and even the word “system” feels like a rubber band ball with no clear path forward to untangling the mess.  But we need leaders dedicated to addressing the root causes of social problems. The NWI Food Council exists to help drive such change for our region--to foster deep learning, bold action, and unconventional partnerships and collaboration.  We’re here for the long haul!

Working to change inequitable systems means we aren’t a single-issue organization.  We work on farm viability at the same time we are developing programs to tackle food insecurity.  None of our projects or programs are done unilaterally -- we might be a little obsessed with collaboration!  Today, we invite you to think about our local food system. The people you know that grow food, prepare food, sell food...even your personal choices eating food.  What are ways that we can make this system healthy and equitable? How do we make sure farmers can make a living while ensuring everyone has access to healthy, affordable food?  


[10/19] World Food Week of Action Day 7 - Food as a Climate Solution

Join us at the Valparaiso Downtown Public Library TODAY from 1pm-4pm for an interactive workshop on how to build creative solutions for eating well on less all while helping curb climate change! Kathy Sipple, permaculturist and social entrepreneur will provide alternative resources for stretching your dollar while eating healthy for both your body, your community and your planet.

  • Timebanking

  • food swapping

  • food preservation

  • cooperative/bulk buying

  • tool and resource sharing

  • wild edibles

  • food waste diversion

If you can’t make our workshop today but are interested in Food as a Climate Solution, here’s some yummy TED talks to gobble up:

And be sure to check out Project Draw Down for real ways to help reduce the impact of climate change:

[10/20] World Food Week of Action Day 8 - Last Day!

We’ve thrown a lot of information, articles and speeches at you this week.  We’d like to end World Food Week with a cartoon that reminds us of the beautiful opportunities we have to cultivate a better world. When it comes to food, our choices have a profound impact -- what you do makes a difference!

Later Event: October 19
Food as a Climate Solution