Our Team

We have no paid staff; we are 100% volunteer-powered. Our Board members are also our work team  — they plan and implement all of our events and initiatives, alongside community volunteers. Want to roll up your sleeves and join our team? We'd love to hear from you! Please get in touch.

You can also read about our history and the team that launched the council on our About page.


Anne McShane-Massie


Anne has long had a seemingly contradictory affection for public service and personal self-reliance. Upon graduating with her B.A. from Kalamazoo College in Michigan amidst the Great Recession, she committed herself to learning the lost arts of homesteading, food preservation and bartering to make ends meet.  Her search for mentors quickly led her to several apprenticeships, beginning with her humanely-raised meat distributor, Farm Direct Meat, where she spent summers working at farmers markets all over the region.

Currently, she assists several local farms with distribution and sales, connects dozens of farmers and chefs each year for County Line Orchard’s Farm to Table Festival, dedicates herself to various programming and outreach initiatives through her role with the NWI Food Council and free-lances for Creative Solutionz of Hammond to develop outreach and marketing for our region’s non-profits.  Anne lives in Crown Point, Indiana with her husband, Ben, and spends her free time learning all she can about food alongside her 4-year old daughter through their humble garden and mild addiction to canning.  They always have a jar of homemade pickles to share. Anne believes her purpose, and ultimately her legacy, is to create a thriving local food economy where all members of our community have access to nutritional, locally grown food. 


Lyndsay Ploehn


Lyndsay is the Agriculture and Natural Resources Educator for Purdue Extension - Porter County. She has been a part of the local foods team from the start. Lyndsay is interested in the food systems of Northwest Indiana from a professional and personal standpoint. Her goal is for Northwest Indiana to tackle hunger and make good, local food available to everyone. Lyndsay is also one of the Council's founding board members.


Gabrielle Biciunas


Gabrielle Biciunas is the Long Range Planner at the Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission (NIRPC). She holds a Master’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning. Gabrielle serves as a key staff for the planning and numerous implementation activities and projects of the award winning 2040 Comprehensive Regional Plan. She works on many transportation and land use initiatives and projects that enhance livability and placemaking, as well as economic development, performance-based planning, regional corridor planning, the Marquette Plan and cultivating the local food system. She has worked on the development of the Livable Centers Initiative and manages the Creating Livable Communities Grant Program. She is a member of the American Planning Association and serves on various Committees and Boards. Gabrielle is also one of the Council's founding board members.


Elias Crim


Elias has worked in book and magazine publishing for over twenty years and is the father of three teenage girls. He is the founder of Solidarity Hall, an organization which combines publishing with civic activism through a new network of social incubators (starting with one in Valpo). Elias has degrees in classics and comparative literature from the University of Texas at Austin and the University of California at Berkeley. He is currently teaching in the Masterworks Program at Valparaiso University.


Sarah Highlen

Immediate Past-President

Sarah is an independent marketing consultant and founder of Grapevine Local Food Marketing. Her passion for both food and community service started with her father. They took part in volunteer work together, he taught her to cook, and they regularly enjoyed exploring the food in Chicago's Chinatown and the original Maxwell Street Flea Market. She spends her free time cooking, developing new recipes, working in the garden, and powerlifting. Sarah served on the Board of the American Red Cross of NWI, the Steering Committee for CoThrive TimeBank, and spent four years volunteering at Sojourner Truth House before joining the Council.  Sarah is also one of the Council's founding board members and served as the Council's first President.


Arleen Peterson

Board Member

Arleen is nonprofit leader and community organizer with over 20 years of experience. Arleen is a graduate of Indiana University (BA ’94) and Ball State University (MA ’97). Arleen began her organizing on Chicago’s Southside community in 1997 with the Lugenia Burns Hope Center.  In 2004 Arleen joined Voices for Illinois Children. During the time at Voices, a statewide foster care campaign in collaboration with IDCFS and over 60 private child welfare agencies was managed by Arleen. Arleen spent the majority of her career with two national organizations, spanning more than a 12 years of work from 1999 – 2011 at Communities In Schools National and the Simon Youth Foundation.  Arleen served as the Executive Director of the Food Bank of Northwest Indiana from 2013-2016 to help fight hunger and feed hope to food insecure people in Northwest Indiana.  Arleen continues to dedicate her life’s passion and commitment to philanthropic causes that support the most vulnerable in our communities. She is is also one of the Council's founding board members.


Pastor Nate Loucks

Board Member

Nate Loucks is a pastor, peacemaker, and social entrepreneur. In 2010, he was the church planter of State Street Community Church in downtown LaPorte. State Street is a church community cultivating a just and generous expression of the Christian faith through tangible expressions of love and grace. He is also the President and Chief Peace Officer of the Pax Center. The Pax Center is located in downtown LaPorte as well. The mission of the Pax Center is to engage the poverties of hunger and loneliness. In 2016, in a collaboration with the City of LaPorte and the Main Street Association, the Pax Center became the visionary partner of the Jackson Street Community Garden.


Dominique Edwards

Board Member

Dominique was born and raised in Michigan City, Indiana. She holds a M.A. in Sustainable Urban Development from DePaul University. What initially inspired Dominique's journey, was a family garden built by her father, Richard Edwards, in 2009. Dominique has worked in the non-profit sector for nearly 6 years acquiring a number of different skills and interests in areas such as: implementation of sustainable food systems, urban agriculture, food deserts, community development, economic development, and brownfield redevelopment.  Some of Dominique's most notable work includes the development of various urban agriculture projects such as the Michigan City Global Gardens Project in 2012, which was a project that intended to create a community garden where the produce would be given to local homeless shelters. Dominique specializes in areas such as GIS and Urban Design. Her research focuses on revitalization efforts of post industrial cities with urban agriculture, focusing on revitalization efforts in cities such as Gary, Indiana. Dominique has presented her work at local, regional and national conferences, such as the Just Food Forum at Harvard University in 2016. Dominique was previously the Director of Development for Gary Urban Farms and is not only a Board Member for the Northwest Indiana Food Council but is also a Member of the Auxiliary Board for The Plant in Chicago, IL. Dominique is also one of the Council's founding board members.


James Cannon

Board Member

As an Entrepreneur and Vertical/Urban Farm Consultant specializing in the development and implementation of indoor hydroponic vertical farm systems, controlled-environment agriculture, and urban farm installations within the built environment, James started in 2011 as a freelance consultant facilitating the start­up of companies such as: GreenFarms A&M LLC, Upright Farms Inc, GreenFarms Industries llc, Gary Urban Farms inc, GROW etc LLP, and most recently founded GrowLocal LLC, a vertical farm design & development company and local produce broker & distributor. It was through these various business endeavors that a unique opportunity was realized; Urban Agriculture/Vertical Farming could be utilized as a significant agent of change (e.g., a mechanism for job creation, urban blight remediation, improved health outcomes, reentry programs, food desert relief, community outreach, etc...) Prior to a career in vertical farming and urban agriculture, James spent over a decade in the restaurant industry as a Kitchen Manager, Restaurant Consultant, and Chef where he learned to respect and appreciate the true value of quality, locally ­sourced ingredients. This “end­user” experience combined with a passion for “tried & true” traditional horticultural methodology, applied through modern-­day hydroponic technique, has culminated into the development of, and continual improvement upon, one of the world's premier, and NWI's first, indoor vertical farming enterprises.


Reverend Marty L. Henderson

Board Member

The Reverend Marty L. Henderson has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Theology from Trinity Christian College, and a Master of Divinity in Christian Education from the Morehouse School of Religion. Pastor Henderson has done post-graduate work toward the Master of Arts degree in Evangelism and Church Planting through Liberty University; and was invited to pursue the Doctor of Ministry degree in Church Planting and Prison Ministries at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.  

Pastor Henderson serves as the President of the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Baptist State Convention of Indiana, and Executive Director of “The Peace Garden and Farms Project” of Gary, Indiana. Pastor Henderson continues to serve the community as a member of the Gary Chamber of Commerce. Reverend Henderson is married to the former Ms. Joyce M. James and they are the proud parents of four children: son, Kenyon; daughters, Jayna, and Joslyn; and one son, Kristen Jarrod Henderson, preceded him in death. Reverend Henderson is also one of the Council's founding board members.


Virginia Pleasant

Board Member

Virginia is a PhD student at Purdue University and a co-founder of the heirloom seed library at the Farm at Prophetstown State Park. Her research and advocacy are policy-driven and focus on small scale alternative agriculture, local food systems, and sustainable futures.